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May 23, 2019

Work at it. Get it right, make your movement flow 👊

Get to Core Club.

May 18, 2019

Great session this morning at Core Club. 

Loads of learning and top effort all around 👊

May 8, 2019

An awful lot of learning going on at Core Club tonight. 

May 7, 2019

May is proving very popular but there is still time to get in for the end of the month.

Last night we launched Core Blaster. With new classes loading all the time, get to Core Club. 

May 2019 Core Club Schedule

Wednesday 8th 6pm - Core Stability & Balance - SOLD OUT


April 22, 2019

All set for a Bank Holiday Monday Core Stability session 👊

April 21, 2019

I've written up all my self myofascial release worksheets over the last two weeks to include all my favourites across all body parts. 

Some of them are very much off the wall but proven on myself and clients and don't use your more standard tools as shown in the photo.


April 19, 2019

The Truth about the ITB  (Ilio Tibial Band)

Dispelling a few myths.  

Fact: The IT Band is a tendon.

The IT Band, is a large, broad, flat tendon located on the outer thigh, with attachments originating from the iliac crest, Tensor Fascia Latae, and Gluteus Maximus muscles...

April 11, 2019

Form is everything. 

Work hard at your craft 👊  Get to Core Club. 👊

April 8, 2019

Some wonderful achievements yesterday, some of which may not have ended in the results people dreamed of but nevertheless wonderful achievements. 

For example, to stand on a start line knowing your body may well fall apart takes courage and guts. I know that feeling whe...

April 4, 2019

Some of you are almost there. Manchester Marathon looms.  For the rest of you the time is soon.

Don’t stand in the shadows this weekend. Whatever you’re doing, collect some big moments and remember all the sacrifices that have got you to where you are. 

Remember though,...

April 3, 2019

Thought I’d post something to get your hearts racing on a Wednesday. Something for everyone so why not give it a go.

This is a quick but highly effective 150 rep fat burning workout. Something to get your heart rate up that requires no kit and just you and your body wei...

March 27, 2019

And that is about the top and bottom of it. 

Worth remembering next time you ask someone what their Park Run PB is. Their time is their time and yours is yours. 

Stop comparing and start being comfortable in your own DNA. You’re unique, and that my friend is very special...

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