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10 Sessions 2:1 Buddy Endurance Development Pack

10 Sessions 2:1 Buddy Endurance Development Pack


This 10 session package is designed to meet the needs of two individuals who are keen to develop their endurance capabilities of both mind and body whilst sharing the cost with a training partner. You'll need to agree with your training partner that you can both attend sessions at the same time before you buy the 10 session pack. I would encourage you to communicate with me prior to booking so that we are all clear how the sessions are going to work.


These sessions are challenging and tough in equal measures, they are always individually programmed and come with a nutrition framework should you wish to work on your weight at the same time. Working as a pair allows athletes who like to train with a partner to do just that in a committed and accountable manner.


All sessions are at The Lab and are to be taken either weekly or fortnightly in a 10 session block as a pair. The total price of the sessions are split between the two of you with you both paying £300 each, bringing the costs down dramatically without compromising on the quality of the sessions.


If youre looking to stretch your mind and body together in your training then these are for you. You'll be put through your paces and we will work on taking you to threshold, sometimes failure and always to the point that when you leave you know you have put a proper shift in and worked to your maximum potential that day. The personal development that these sessions afford is priceless when coupled with home programming and a proper nutritional framework.


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