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2024 Six Month Core Club Online Pass

2024 Six Month Core Club Online Pass

£570.00 Regular Price
£400.00Sale Price

Any six month block in 2024 for full access Core Club  Online & Live Classes, Boot Camp, Breath Less and all runs taken care of in one pass with two paid for sessions with me included in the price. These two sessions can be taken at any time during 2024 and can be used for any sessions of your choice. One ticket per household.


What's included...


Core Club Online - Classes are Monday, Wednesday & Friday throughout each month and can be done live online or on catch up. Individual price £35 per month.


Two JRSTT Sessions - 2 sessions at The Lab working on anything of your choice from injury assessment and rehab, to soft tissue massage, to run form, strength, balance, posture, speed development or joint rehab. Individual price £60 per session.



Six months Breath Less testing - testing once a month working on vo2 max and grip strength. Individual price £20 per month.


Boot Camp - 2/3 boot camps a month at The Lab early on a Saturday/Sunday. Individual price £10 per session.


Various Runs - Torch, Sunrise, Sunset and Doggo runs going most weekends from The Lab on local trails. Individual price £10 per session.


Buying all these elements individually for six months would cost over £500, so around the price of a gym membership that you struggle to get value out of because you're likely programming your own training, work is busy, commitments are many and time is something you just don't seem to have.


Take the headache out of this massively important part of your life and let JRSTT manage all that for you. Minimal kit at home for online sessions, maximum return on your investment.

So what is Core Club made of?

Functional movement patterns train your muscles to work together and prepare them for daily tasks by simulating common movements you might do at home, at work or in sports. While using various muscles in the upper and lower body at the same time, functional movement patterns also emphasise core stability.

Balance patterning is the ability to control the body in space whilst performing static (maintaining one’s centre of gravity (CoG) within the base of support (BoS) or dynamic (moving the CoG outside the BoS) movements. Most people do not incorporate balance training into their exercise programmes as they do not understand the importance of this training subtype.

HIIT may well help improve heart health in people with good health, as well as in those with cardiovascular conditions. It may also help improve measures of metabolic health, including blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and cholesterol.

Proprioception is how your body knows what position it is in. It is the sense that enables us to know where the different parts of our body are, how they are moving, and how much strength our muscles need to use. Our muscles, joints, and skin all contain sensory receptors that contribute to proprioceptive input. This provides information that is used for motor movements and postural control.

The Mind Muscle Connection simply put, is a conscious and deliberate muscle contraction. It’s the ability to focus the tension you create during exercise on a specific muscle or region of muscles in the body, which is the difference between passively and actively moving the weight.

Time Under Tension is a key component for muscle building. The more time under tension you spend during a pattern, the stronger and bigger your muscles grow. Time under tension can be increased in various ways as you will know if you've been to classes.

Despite the benefits of movement, not everyone is keen or able to commit to regular sessions. One of the most common barriers I hear about is a lack of time. Core Club Online is an efficient way to exercise, and it may, therefore, be a good choice for people who find it difficult to fit physical activity into their schedule.

One pass per household is all that is required. Existing members will tell you its a no brainer, as will I.

Not sure you want to commit for the remainder of the year? Try the six month pass instead.

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