Blackroll Ball

Blackroll Ball


The BLACKROLL® Ball is very effective for pinpoint application and massage of the deeper laying muscles.  Also suitable for treating the arms, neck and feet.


Available in 8cm and 12cm diameter.


The lightest and greenest foam roller we have ever found.


BLACKROLL® have taken the standard of foam rollers to an even greater level. Extremely strong and durable the BLACKROLL® is an indispensable tool for training and recovery.


The BLACKROLL® Ball - Features firm hardness which is appropriate for all applications to provide self-massage. The level of firmness is higher than standard foam rollers to give a strong and deep massage effect.


Available in Black.


With the help of the BLACKROLL® you can noticeably improve your flexibility and capacity of the muscular system with just little effort and simple exercises. Regular and targeted training regenerates the muscles and ensures prolonging release of tension and a higher performance of the muscles.


Why choose BLACKROLL®?


  • Significantly increase the flexibility, mobility and performance of your muscular system
  • Prevent muscle pain and avoid typical injuries and muscle damage that occur from overuse
  • Specifically target regeneration of the muscles and increase blood circulation
  • Improving poor posture by balance work and strengthening your core
  • Stimulate more nutrient-rich blood to circulate, soothing your skin’s appearance and reducing cellulite
  • Waterproof material, lightweight (150g, standard version) compact and easy to clean
  • Produced energy efficiently in Germany, is 100% free of chemicals and 100% recyclable
Blackroll Ball

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