Pro Spider Resistance Loops - Pack of 4

Pro Spider Resistance Loops - Pack of 4


What are Pro Spider Resistance Loops?


Pro-Spider is an effective training device. It consists of four elastic loops, which are particularly stretchy.


What can I use Pro Spider Resistance Loops for?


Thanks to different exercises, you can effectively and intensively exercise your back, legs, arms, shoulders and abdominal muscles.


What do Pro Spider Resistance Loops do?


Pro-Spider is the ideal fitness trainer for the workout of various muscle groups. Via the connector, it is possible to add and remove resistance bands. Due to the ring attached to the connecting part, you can hook in an optimal carabiner.


What does JRSTT use Pro Spider Resistance bands for?


We use the loops as an effective way of correcting run form so that clints can visualise and feel what we are looking for them to achieve.


Diameter: 81 cm. Width: 20 mm.