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Runners Repair and Recovery Kit

I say to all the runners that I see that regardless of what they hope to achieve from their running, the actual running part is the secondary part of their running. This normally draws a raised eyebrow but when I then explain that without the tool, i.e. the body, to be able to run, they can’t run and the whole thing becomes a non-exercise anyway. So looking after the body and running injury free has to be the goals. In that order.

As runners we can train all we want to but if we pay no attention or respect to our recovery it won’t matter down the line as without recovery we will break down.

There are loads of tools that you can use to help you achieve this and I thought I would list out my top ten. How many are in your tool kit?

Compression Clothing


Cold Water Therapy / Ice Baths


Self Myofascial Release / Foam Rolling

Stretching / Yoga / Pilates


Active Recovery

Quality Nutrition / Hydration


If you need any help with your recovery toolkit why not book in for a massage and stretch and we can talk through your running goals and plans.

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