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Do not even think about giving up

They do and believe me it will be worth it. I know. I've been working at something I so want to achieve for almost three years. I keep getting back up when I get knocked down. I refuse to quit despite so many people telling me too. Injury during the race the first year and then illness all through the year after did for my training as I'd have liked it the second year, but not to the point of me chucking in the towel or ever considering not wanting to enter this third year. There is a of course a chance I won't achieve it this year but that would never be enough to stop me going to try to achieve it. I will keep going and going. I have made that promise to myself. I refuse to let it define me. Just being on any start line is an achievement. You've all got this. Your goals are in sight. It's time to push through and claim them.

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