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5 things...

Saw lots of people last week and as you'd expect a lot of talk about races, training, pre season and plans. The little demons always surface and whisper in athletes ears. That's normal. So if you're on a training programme especially in unchartered waters, do ONE THING for yourself this week. Make a pact with yourself, your partner, family, training friends who are in this with you. Do these five things, commit to them. THIS WEEK. Print this off and stick it on the fridge next to your plan, next to your weekly diary or next to your motivational quotes. Then let's be done with any negativity and go smash the shit out of this great thing that you are doing. Why number five? Your training needs to benefit you and YOUR goals. We are all different, an experiment of one. You're putting in the shift and the time. Make that shift quality not junk. Enjoy your training. #LookAfterYourBody

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