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SVP100 done

So Cresdee brought it home and got her medal on a very humid day where solid hydration was critical. That's a wrap on the SVP100 for me. Four finishes is enough and next year I will volunteer for sure and have already had the conversation with Matthew. The support on this race is phenomenal. If you are thinking about a 100km race, pick this one. It is a great day out. As always I was blown away by the positivity of people towards runners at checkpoints. On a personal note I would like to thank all my friends at Felixstowe Road Runners for getting behind me as they did and do. I may not be a red anymore but I was genuinely touched by the way they all cheered me in and out of checkpoints. CP4 as always was brilliant girls. Thanks to Simon Merrick also for following me around the course after he came off. That is a pretty special thing to do for someone when you haven't had the day you wanted. Well done to everyone who made it. To those that didn't, don't beat yourselves up. It is all learning and that can only be positive. This long distance running lark is a journey. A lonely one at times but a great one nevertheless. #LookAfterYourBody

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