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Running More Does Not Mean Running Better

It’s true, you have to run and run a lot to be a good runner. I wholeheartedly stand by that. It’s true of all sports. You need to put in the hours and work at your craft to get to the top. But what you maybe haven’t heard me say if you’ve not been to see me is that even more important than that is that those miles you do have to be done consistently, healthfully and with intention and purpose. I talk about “Junk Miles” a lot and too often I am seeing people just go out and run. No plan, no intention, no focus, no reason. They just go out and plod. And then they get injured. A massive part of that is your biomechanics. Your posture, your balance and your loading. Core Club is our best answer to guide runners through understanding that process because most runners are nowhere near understanding it. We want you to run as efficiently as you can. That takes work and whilst there are no quick fixes here, the good news is that every runner has the power to work on themselves, understand themselves better and as a result ultimately move their bodies better. Get to Core Club. Game changer. #LookAfterYourBody #NMR #MMC

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