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Gemma nails it!

Meet Gemma. Gemma just went supersonic.

Over three and a half years ago Gemma developed an ankle injury that meant she could put no weight through her ankle. Her gait changed as a result and she developed a limp. Over time she had subsequent steroid injections, air boots, countless physio and was subsequently discharged by the hospital even though she was still not walking on her foot and was still in considerable pain.

Fast forward seven and an inch months and Gemma has full functionality and almost full balance back in both legs. She has worked incredibly hard on her biomechanics. I am so proud of her because she was prepared to work hard and try.

She left tonight set to move into her strength and conditioning phase and then in the summer holidays she is going to start running again. How cool is that!

Well done Gemma! Awesome work 👊🤓

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