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Diet journey update...

Quick update on the diet experiment as it is Thursday and it's been a few days since I wrote an update.

Bottom line is that I've pretty much given up thinking about food as a nourishment and a joy and I'm only on day 4!! Remember I have no say in what I consume.

Now it's a transactional process that happens at set times in the day. I know I'm losing weight, I can feel it. I'm also lacking in energy, I taught two Core Classes yesterday and felt pretty washed out last night which is far from normal.

I have watched our kids eating the food I normally eat at meal times and felt jealous. How mad is that! I'm sure it isn't. I'm sure lots of people who go on diets feel like that but these feelings are all new to me given that I don't do diets in the norm.

Since the ultra last weekend I haven't run but have done a couple of decent walks and some self myo work. I'm running Friday and Sunday albeit in recovery mode which will be interesting as this diet like most doesn't ask or expect you to move and exercise. That in itself is mad as the frame and systems you own that are your body were designed to do just that.

In summary then I am pretty miserable. Yes more miserable than normal Tim Higgins! I can see how people feel trapped on diets. I can see how they feel isolated and I can see how they stop being interested in food as fuel and so subsequently make poor choices nutritionally when they come off a diet.

The industry is a multi million pound rollercoaster that has no intention of releasing you back into the real world. Nothing I've seen so far has been about equipping me with skills I can use to develop myself and my knowledge.

There is a different way as I've said and I will talk about that at the end of the process. The more I do this experiment, the more I understand how powerful the food, diet and fitness industry is when it comes to making people feel confused, inadequate and unhappy.

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