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Diet update...

Morning sports fans.

Little update on the diet front. I’m very grumpy. Hanging in there but very grumpy.

It’s not been any easier this week I think you can guess. I’m lacking in energy and have an unhealthy disconnect with food in play.

I’ve eaten a lot of my meals this week on my own as I don’t want to watch the family eat real food. Can people who’ve been on diets or are on diets relate to that? It isn’t something I’ve planned. Meal times have evolved into being this way.

Last night I ran with Arch and he wanted to push the last mile home as a practice for Ekiden on Sunday and his Jaffa debut. We ran a 6:31 mile and I struggled to hang onto him. That doesn’t normally happen.

I’ve learned loads on this diet journey about the reality of the process. For me diets don’t work. They don’t allow you off the merry go round and back into reality with a secure pathway. The fitness industry pushes forward images of men and women that for most are unrecognisable and irrelevant.

I feel we should remember we are all different, all experiments of one and should reflect that in how we approach our own fitness and nutrition. What we shouldn’t be doing is standing in lines waiting to be weighed on a weekly basis before moving onto the next week, living a life of ongoing misery. Food should be a joy. That is the bottom line.

I’m not quite at the end of this experiment. I haven’t weighed myself this week yet. I will of course and will give you the stats at the end of the week. I feel I’ve lost more weight this week so yes it works but then if you knew my total daily calorie allowance you’d be amazed if I hadn’t. I know the weight deficit will go back on when I eat properly again because that’s what happens with balance. At the moment and for the last two weeks I’ve had no balance.

So we move on and 💯 percent there’s a better way.

Look forward to helping you all unlock that once this is over if that’s your want 👊🤓

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