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Stay humble

Don't forget the path you once trod at a lower level in your sport and what that was like and how you dreamed of being where you are now. It may not be that long ago you were sitting on the couch dreaming of running 5k. It's easy to forget. Don't forget the people who have supported you and lifted you higher, the people who picked you up when things didn't go well, the people who wiped away the tears when you felt broken and put you back together to fight another day. Don't forget the people who are always there, cheering you on in rain, wind or shine, willing you over the line, always there with a "well done" and a hug regardless of how it went. Family. #LookAfterYourBody #ExperimentOfOne #ABCs#JRSTT #CoreClub #NMR #MMR#LiveAsMuchAsYouCan

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