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Challenge One Complete

This morning I ran 26.21 miles up and down my garden path. It had its challenges.

Last night I had Wicksy and Davina on the phone again begging me not to do it. Same old same old banging on about market share and why couldn’t I pick something they’re both good at like pouting.

Then this morning zoom decided to melt and I kept having to stop to fix it and then the wind kept blowing the tripod over. On top of that I kept getting phone calls and in an effort to disconnect one I stopped my watch, hence the two traces.

I was going to completely start again but I will be honest, I got bored. The music saved me today. That and the food.

After all the teething issues I settled into trying to run very sedate 12 minute miles. With all the ↪️↩️⤴️⤵️ I got very sore in the hips very quickly so this seemed the best option. It seems to have worked and after yesterday’s harder efforts I’ve come out of it pretty well. I’ve just looked at the efforts of all the rest of you that took up this challenge today. You’re amazing.

Well done everyone. Now onto the next crazy challenge. Let you know what that is next week.


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