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July – Inequality #StrongerTogether2021

Inequality refers to the phenomenon of unequal and/or unjust distribution of resources and opportunities among members of a given society. The term inequality may mean different things to different people and in different contexts. That makes it really difficult for me having chosen the title for the month

Moreover, inequality encompasses distinct yet overlapping economic, social, and spatial dimensions. Debates about inequality are further complicated by the disjuncture between the moral ethics of equity and social justice, on the one hand, and the normative idea of “deservingness,” on the other hand. In recent years, there has been increasing awareness of inequalities that are observable within social groups, in addition to those across social groups. This awareness has led to an increasing realisation that inequality is systemic and entrenched in various socioeconomic and political structures. Geographers’ contributions toward the topic of inequality in this regard include highlighting the persistence of unequal and differentiated rights, interrogating global and extreme inequality, and analysing the manifestations and causes of urban inequalities.

Core Club Online tries to keep things equal for all, regardless of ability. We may not always achieve this, but I know that we all try for it to be so. A safe place, a place where we can try, and fail, not be judged, try again, fail more maybe, succeed maybe. The crux is always that we try individually and collectively.

This month, regardless of how you interpret inequality we are going to continue our theme of always being prepared to try.

From you to someone you wish to help. You making things just that little more equal.

At the beginning of the month, I’d like you to pick a person or family that you know well who would benefit from Core Club Online. An individual, couple that live together or family that value their health but for whatever reason haven’t attended in the last year. There is a difference between doesn’t attend and hasn’t attended. If they won’t get “it” then think of someone else. You’re not looking for a badge collector. You’re looking for people whose lives you can improve and make more equal through being kind and looking out for them. From there give them my email address and tell them to email me.

They shouldn’t be a current or past member remember. They shoulldn’t have a big disposable income. They should be intent on getting better at movement. They should be the type of human who values community. They should tell me you sent them.

I will then give them a July membership as a gift from you. You'll just need to keep encouraging them that movement is better for them than being stationary.

Month long discussions…

Throughout the month, if you wish, I would like you to talk about any inequality you may come across. Start a discussion on the page if you feel you want to. Don’t expect everyone to agree with you if you do bring up a topic, but do expect a healthy discussion.

The month ahead…

This month I’m not giving you other things to do outside of Core Club Online days for a couple of reasons. Firstly, August is a huge month. The theme is health and we also have the All Together Now element to add into the mix. Secondly, we are six months into the year and you might be beginning to flag a bit. Numbers at Core Club Online have been a little lower and I’m thinking with the world opening up, there’s a chance to leave behind all the hard work you’ve put in and stop being so committed to yourself. So rather than overwhelm you maybe with so much content I’d like your involvement and commitment to yourself to be a little more equal in itself and for you to try to hang onto and to keep creating better habits.

What we are going to do throughout July though is to revisit our Movement Reward Money Jar and raise some money for a charity that supports people facing inequality.

Movement Reward Money Jar

Every time you do some kind of activity in the month of July whether it be Core Club Online or when you go for a Walk, Bike Ride, a Run, a Wild Swim, a Climbing session or any kind of training, you put a predefined amount of money in your jar. It could be 1 pence, 10 pence, it could be £1. Whatever you want it to be. At the end of the month we will put all the movement money together and support a local initiative.

Work hard, get it done!

JR xx


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