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More On The Mental

Following on from the Zoe Adams post over the weekend, now I’m home I just wanted to put this post out there as well.

So both Coxy and Browny have been working really hard on their marathon training. Coxy has had her sidekick Lesley with her every step of the way but she’s not in this photo because she was busy 😂

Anyway, both these two have picked up niggles niggles big enough to cause major wobbles that see you fall off plans. Both were worried about their Sunday long runs. There was no need to worry.

By breaking it into blocks, Browny and Lesley knocked out 17 and Coxy took the lid off with a 22.Truly epic work and proof once again that you really can do pretty much most things with a little planning and self belief.

Oh, and talk. Don’t bottle it up.

Believe x


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