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One2Run5k Graduation is Nearly Here

One2Run5k Graduation is almost here and so many people behind the scenes are working hard to make it a special night for our graduates.

The nicest things about graduation in the last week will be the wider club involvement in the last session and for me leaving them knowing that these runners are going to be invested in further, that the learning won’t stop on a Tuesday night.

Running isn’t just about going running. It’s about developing efficiency, balance, posture, form, breathing and so so much more just as the course has taught them. 13 weeks has flown. None of it’s dragged and had we had the time I could have easily made it much longer, there’s so much more to ponder.

The wider RCR club though I am sure will give them that and more as the coach team are committed to skills development moving forward and will blend sessions with the traditional drills and sets that you see at clubs in general.

Want to be on the next one?

Get in touch with Stu Weaver at Rushmere Community Runners to be part of this unique 13 week experience and kick start your run journey with your eyes wide open in a fun, friendly group that truly supports one another on this epic journey.

Alternatively you could do the traditional 9 week C25K, just go for runs and hope that you get through it enthusiasm intact.

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