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Run Tech is Back

From April 2020 group Run Tech classes will go live on the JRSTT website to book. These classes are small on participant numbers and big on content delivery.

A Run Tech class is not just about telling you how to run in a more efficient manner. It's also about discovering why you potentially currently aren't or can't. There are always reasons and in Run Tech classes we get to the bottom of that and find out why if that is the case. These classes build on the basic form development that you see in One2Run5k.

Classes are specific to issues rather than generalist and focus in on movement patterning to discover loading patterns, form analysis to confirm what is being delivered as output, drills to help correct, strength and conditioning protocols to develop change and mental work to hold it all together.

You'll be able to see what the class topic content is in advance so that you can decide what classes to book.

Watch this space for more information coming soon.


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