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Run Tech - Over Striding

I've had lots of messages from people asking me to put up further notes on biomechanics so here are a few thoughts on over striding.

I watch a lot of runners going about their runs. An overstrike dictates you will be displaying long arm levers which lead to the overstrike in your footfall. Look at your photos to check if this is you. You don't even need to look at your legs to discover what you are doing. Just look at your arms. Your legs mirror your arms and your arms drive your legs. Shorter arm levers will dictate that you land nearer your centre of gravity. Recycle your arms, recycle your legs.

To follow on from this, the longer your arm levers, the more contact time you will have with the ground, you will be anterior dominant and as a result, running with the hand brake on. As a result of that you will find it difficult to pick up speed and likely display a collapsed, poor dynamic posture. The more time you spend on the ground, the more chance you have of getting injured.

How does this display in your body as pain?

You've likely had anterior shin pain. You've likely had knee pain as overstriking forces adduction to occur and you may have had pain in the ITB area. You may well have had a touch of plantar fasciitis and also some back pain.

As with all neural remodelling work this is straightforward to correct but takes time to move through the phases from unconsciously incompetent to the happy place that is unconsciously competent.

Work hard on you. #ExperimentOfOne


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