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If you’re booked on the Waldringfield sunset run and are not in a group but would like to be, please message me. With so many of you organising your own groups it seemed a bit pointless to try to get involved unless I’m needed.

Those of you that fancy some hills instead then I shall be at the playground at the same time on Sunday mowing up and down those little beauties. It’s a logistics thing for me that’s all. If you fancy some vert and feel like you could grab at least 1000 feet, see you there or message me.

The GPX for Waldringfield is in the files section on this page.

If you haven’t done Waldringfield I really do recommend it. Car parking in the area behind the pub after 6pm is free. Please do just make sure that your group size is no bigger than six. Same goes for if you bump into another group and want a photo. Six only in the photo please by order of the fun police xx

Next Sunday is Pin Mill. Please do book on in the usual way.


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