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#CoreClub: Movement is at the heart of everything we do

Our #StrongerTogether Campaign for 2021 is an extension of everything we do at Core Club in the development of human capability through physical movement, whatever that means for the individual. 

Our 2021 12 monthly topics and the ability for the individual to choose how they interpret the monthly word, how it impacts them, and how they do good as a result in their community through their actions, puts power firmly in the hands of the people that are Core Club. All the individual has to do is to commit to doing something for good that relates to the topic whether that be as an individual, or as part of a group for the duration of the month. 

The aim is to create visual and mental change through movement, whether it be something as simple as going from A to B on foot to help someone in their day to day, or something more complex where a number of people are coordinated to deliver on a project that benefits the community and the individuals within it. There is no right or wrong in how the words that are the 12 monthly topics are interpreted.  Imagination and interpretation is something that we applaud and encourage. If there are ideas that others have that team members want to get behind and support then so be it. 


Be part of the 2021 Campaign. Make a difference. Move. 

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