Single Person Session

Full Hour Treatments


  • Injury Assessment, Treatment & Rehabilitation £40 per hour.  

  • All sessions come with a tailored rehab plan and ongoing remote support.

  • Postural Assessment / Gait & Imbalance Assessment £40 per hour.

  • All sessions come with a tailored correctional plan and ongoing remote support.

  • 1:1 Coaching – Run Form / Event Planning / Nutrition / Core £40-£60 per hour.  

  • Planning time is also paid for.

  • All athletes receive ongoing remote support.

  • Packages available in the shop.

  • Remedial / Sports Massage Therapy £40 per hour.

  • So much more than just a massage.  I incorporate release and mobilisation work into my sessions and give clients a real understanding of how to combat issues themselves through a number of elements such as self myofascial release, mobilisation and strength work.

  • Packages available in the shop.

  • Core Club Online £23.50 per calendar month.  13 classes per month, each for less than the price of a cup of coffee. Take a look on the Core Club page.  Available to buy in the shop.

  • Kinesio Taping £15 per taping only session (normally 30 minutes)

In the event that you cancel your booking within 24 hours of due date and time, a full session cancellation fee will be charged. We will endeavour to resell your booking and, if successful, any payments received for such bookings sold will be taken into account, when calculating your cancellation fee.
Corporate Session or
Event Work

Onsite with your business for a day or half day treating staff or alternatively pitch side looking after your team(s) or club

£ Price on Application


I work with professional athletes through to grass roots sports men and women, young athletes and children building bespoke plans that meet and exceed their needs.  I am all about empowerment and my aim is always to increase any learning about the body that the individual may have and give them the tools that enable them to be more self sufficient.  

I also treat non sporting injuries, aches and pains and help people rid themselves of pain and discomfort caused by work or life in general.

I incorporate functional movement patterning into my all my work and generally clients leave with homework to aid their goals and/or recovery.  

Biomechanics - The Power of Movemen

Have you ever marvelled at the ability and beauty of animal movement? As human beings we can learn so much from animal movement and apply it to our own performance, enhancing it in many ways.  Effective movement is built up of layers. Layers that involve anatomical factors, neuromuscular skills, physiological capacities and psychological/cognitive abilities among others such as nutrition and hydration choices.

Humans need help in improving their human movement.  We are happy to have swim or golf lessons but put no value on how we move or breathe.  Biomechanics is key to solving human movement problems.

Injury prevention and treatment is another primary area where biomechanics can and should be applied. Sports medicine professionals have traditionally studied injury data to try to determine the potential causes of disease or injury but I have felt for a long time that biomechanical research of an individual is always time well spent, especially when the individual has a tendency to keep getting injured. It can be a powerful ally when preventing and treating injury.  Rather than just treating the injury, why not look at how the individual human moves to discover if the fault can be pinned to inefficiency rather than just being unlucky?  


For example, individual specific biomechanics studies can help prevent injuries by providing information on the mechanical loading during movement which can go a long way to explaining why the body is breaking down during activity.

Core Club Online

Core Club was born out of my belief and fascination with an "Experiment of One" approach to my work.

Put simply, Core Club Online is a community built around a common desire to move more and move well.  The class element is very much functional movement patterns that train your muscles to work together and prepare them for daily tasks by simulating common movements you might do at home, at work or in sports. While using various muscles in the upper and lower body at the same time, functional movement patterns also emphasise core stability.  Core Club Online is different, fast moving and fun.  Have a look at the Core Club Online page for more information.  

There are other physical elements that compliment the classes such as free runs of various descriptions, boot camps and race support opportunities.


Injury Rehab

I offer a client involved functional movement patterning injury rehabilitation service to help you regain your full sporting or day-to-day activity levels following a sports injury, an at work injury or when recovering from surgery.  My processes are all about empowerment.  I want you to learn about yourself and be able to understand what your body is telling you.

Strength & Conditioning 

When I work with people on their strength and conditioning I focus on challenging the body in different ways: Agility, balance, flexibility, muscle endurance, cardiovascular endurance, strength endurance and coordination for example are all taken into account and very often I will spend time looking at movement patterns from the chosen sport and then the athlete to determine where any inefficiencies lie and any improvements that can be made. Very often in sport we just practice without actually looking at what we are practising or thinking about how we could be more efficient.  I see that as wasted effort where improvements can and should be made.


Posture is about so much more than looking confident and poised.  Standing or sitting in the right position makes sure our bodies function properly.  Poor posture can be caused by many things that effect our daily lives. Having good posture will benefit you in so many ways just as poor posture can put you at risk of debilitation and poor performance.  


Gait Assessment

Gait refers to the pattern of movement of your lower limbs. Essentially, your foot fall. I use my knowledge to help athletes run more efficiently and also to identify posture-related or movement-related problems in people with injuries.  I won't put you in orthotics unless you absolutely need them.  

Remedial / Sports Massage Therapy

The benefits of massage are numerous and in many ways can depend on the needs of the client at the time. It is a ‘holistic’ therapy which works on many levels by influencing several systems of the body.  Massage therapy is now widely used and has spread into many areas of healthcare and I use it extensively to combat muscular aches and pains, when assessing joints and as a correctional treatment.  I am Level 5 qualified.


Solid nutrition is vital to a healthy lifestyle and consistent athletic performance. Personally I am not interested in diets, I am interested in habits - good ones.


Diets have rules and that in itself make them unsustainable and restrictive. When you then fall off your diet you may feel and be told that you've failed - you are a failure. Fall off and fail enough times and you'll stop doing something. For me this shows that the thing you are doing is unsustainable and does not fit in with your life or training habits, it is the approach that’s wrong, not you. You are not a failure. Alternatively you keep at it and reach your target, but then what? Do you keep buying the powders and replacement systems for life? Believe me you won’t - it is also unsustainable. 

What is the solution? It is actually very simple - in order to lose any weight, you simply need to create a calorie deficit. If you find you are tired all the time or not seeing improvement in your performance times it may be that your nutritional intake is not helping you as it should and maybe you aren’t eating enough. It isn’t just about eating less - overall it is about improving your nutritional intake day in, day out, with real food - not powders and potions. You may benefit from supplements but not substitutes.  I refer all my in-depth nutrition work to

Pitch-side Support

I believe that having someone suitably qualified to deal with injuries, whether during games, meets, tournaments or at training is and always has been a necessity. I can provide qualified pitch-side support on both an ad-hoc and long term arrangement.



I am a Level 4 Qualified Kinesiology Taping Association International Specialist and employ Kinesio taping in a number of ways from aiding recovery from muscle trauma through to correcting mechanical imbalances. 

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