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I work with professional athletes through to grass roots sports men and women, young athletes and children – building bespoke plans that meet and exceed their needs

Unlock your body

The movement patterning you perform generally as an adult is poor, so, it follows that rehabilitation is key. Rehabilitation does not just mean injured. It can and does in this case mean inefficient.


As humans, we are cross-lateral movers and this behaviour starts in the womb. Babies learn to crawl and that is opposite arm, leg so cross-lateral driven. If you watch babies crawling you will observe that the primary movement in crawling is with their arms. Arms drive legs, not the other way around. The brain is a muscle that grows with movement and as such, therefore the nervous system can change with the right stimulation. Therefore, it is possible to rebuild movement patterns from the bottom of the body up even as an adult. It follows that we should always start with this patterning by getting the feet right and working up the body.


If you’ve historically been somebody that picks up injuries. Run Tech is also for you. Your contact time with the ground is key to how injured you get. The slower you move, the more contact time you have with the ground, and the more likely you are to get injured. Injury causes the brain to shut down neural pathways and change the movement map in the brain. This is why runners all look so dissimilar, that and the fact that very few runners actually practice running and drills.


Everyone has a unique running technique. There is no such thing as a perfect run form but there is an efficient running form for each individual. Run Tech helps you unlock your body and your biomechanics. Have look in the shop and see what package fits you best.

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