8 x Multi Directional Speed Development Training Programme Pack

8 x Multi Directional Speed Development Training Programme Pack


Speed is many things all coming together. Stride length and rate, biomechanics and your efficiency as a runner, breathing, your mobilisation capabilities and probably most importantly, your ability to listen and learn new skills, all play a part.


You will need to move from unconsciously incompetent, to unconsciously competent across the stages between these two points. This takes time, practice, desire and commitment. 


This 8 week one to one development programme is full of hands on learning that will have you working hard between sessions to make sure that the work you are doing becomes part of you.


If you really want to get quicker and become a better athlete, this programme will give you all the tools to get there in the shortest space of time.


Sessions to be taken whenever you want during 2021. To see change I recommend you do the package as a block.


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