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As a species, I truly believe humans have stopped moving in any great numbers –  movement should not be something we take for granted 

Core Club Live & Online is Movement

Movement has become something we seem to take for granted to the point where we believe we don’t need to do it, or we time bind it and perceive that we need to go to a building full of fitness equipment to perform said movement.

The result for humans, in general, is devolution. A huge disconnect has occurred between the mind and body. Many many humans are working in jobs that don't require their bodies. They sit at desks and tap on keyboards and click on a mouse for 8 hours a day. Every day. They are using their bodies purely as a means to transport their heads.


Someone said to me recently that we have betrayed our bodies. They are right.

So what Is Core Club Live & Online? Well quite simply, Core Club Live & Online is movement and this is a life's work. 

Exercise is a modern invention, a trillion-dollar global marketplace, and exercise is optional. Movement however, is essential and we simply cannot put enough importance on it.  

Exercise will have us think that two to three weekly trips to the gym will get us off the hook with our bodies. Exercise has become generally pain rather than pleasure-driven. It is generally focused on specific repetition and lacking in real skill development. There tends to be no learning, there tends to be no growth, and most exercise regimes use machines and isolating exercises that make us experts in movement patterns that are neither functional and are also limiting.  


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