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Look After Your Body

Core Club is very much focused on giving you a much greater understanding of your anatomy and physiology, it is not about beating you up until you are a hot sweaty mess! You will develop a greater sense of how your body works, be shown how to strengthen areas which you feel are not your strongest as well as how to work on your posture, balance and alignment.

This club is designed to empower its members so that they remain injury free and are able to participate in their chosen sport or activity to their full potential.  Exercises are purely functional.  If it's not functional, we won't be asking you to do it.  Below are some of the classes that are available


The foundation class is the beginning of your journey. We spend time looking at your balance, posture, ability to connect and engage your core stabilisation muscles as well as working through some key movement patterns and fundamentals on which core club is built.



These classes change like the wind. The body is very good at finding the path of least resistance so it is important that muscle patterning changes regularly to keep the body and brain on its toes as it were. A mix of balance, strength and stabilisation work develop these sessions with the use of underrated kit such as the human body, swiss balls, stability cushions, bands and TRX.


These classes are fast and tough.  They are full body, using kit that is much ignored in traditional gyms such as Bosu, Skipping Rope, Ab Wheel, Hand Stands, Slam Balls and Kettle Bells to name but a few.  You versus you working on form rather than traditional circuit classes that focus on time and the volume of reps that you can produce.


A Core Club classic session it has its own billing. Most sessions don’t have that honour and will sit under more general Core Stability & Balance class headlines but Flannels and Towels, whilst it has evolved and is now different from the original classes, has always had its own billing because it’s just so different.


We use the movement of animals a great deal in our work to look at the loading of muscles and the efficiency of form.  We believe that as humans we can learn so much from animals so we have built classes that mimic and copy the patterning of their movement to build balance, strength and stability in ourselves as humans.


These classes are small on numbers to reflect the technical level of input required so that we as facilitators can really focus in on your form and ensure that when you transfer what you've learned to home or another environment, you are producing patterning that is not going to compromise your posture, run form or biomechanics down the line.  


If you want to learn to ride a horse or play golf, likelihood is you will go and get lessons.  Bizarrely though as humans we don't generally have walking, sitting, standing, running or even breathing lessons.  We learn how to do something at a young age and then we forget it.  It becomes autonomic and generally the action becomes a poor one in terms of patterning and muscle recruitment.

These classes focus in on the little things that when developed by you, help you become more efficient in your run action.


Stretching is a somewhat limited exercise in terms of gains unless it is something you are doing very regularly and most people aren't.  In order to to see real biomechanical gains we need to harness stretching with stretch and mobilisation work.  These mobilisation classes teach individuals how to mobilise muscle groups and give people a range of sets to apply and develop at home or in their own gym environments.  Mobilisation is tiered to accommodate all abilities and they are one hundred per cent focused on mobilisation. 


This is an hour long seminar.  It's not an introduction to a new way of dieting.  If you want to take back control of how and what you eat then this is for you.

Frequently Asked Questions


Classes are on a Monday and Wednesday evening at 7pm. 



Gorseland Primary School, Deben Ave, Martlesham, Ipswich IP5 3QR



£7.50 per class
No monthly membership, book as many or as few as you wish.


Detailed schedules of monthly classes can be found on the website blog and the Core Club Facebook page.


It is important that everyone is medically fit before joining the classes so please contact John in the first instance. Email

It is essential that you take part in a foundation class..


"Core Club is full of good sound advice when it comes to functional movement. Really helps to narrow the focus on the areas that are important for efficient running. All delivered in a supportive and inclusive environment. Would thoroughly recommend it." - Helen Skinner, August 2019

"Core Club has given me the focus and self accountability I was lacking if I wanted to improve my running - and the rewards have been clear. The variety, detail and attention is second to none and as long as I want to work hard I know I'll get unwavering support. Core Club is a game changer." - Lesley Rawlinson, August 2019

"Thanks John for an excellent running form session this morning. My first one and I came away with lots to think about." - Jan Hart, August 2019