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Self flex tests

1. Doorframe hip flexor test

To test out your hip flexibility, get down on one knee and put your back to a doorframe. Flatten your lower back against the doorframe by rotating the top of your pelvis backward until your spine is as vertical as can be. If this gives you a stretch in your hip flexors, they're tight. Stretch your hip flexors by striking the same pose without the doorframe and pushing your hips slightly forward if needed. Or if you live in a house without any doorframes :), stand and prop one foot comfortably on a chair seat. Then lean forward while keeping the back leg straight and your torso tall.

2. Ankle flex test

Sit down barefoot with your heel flat on the floor. Put something vertical in front of you like a door frame again and put your toes up against it. Move forward until your knee touches it. If you can't do this without raising your heel off the floor your ankle lacks flex. Ease this by foam rolling your calves, stretching them and not forgetting your wonderful cold water bucket treatments :)

3. Big toe flex test

Put your feet flat on the floor, reach down and pull your big toe up one at a time, trying to reach an ideal angle of 30 degrees. If you can't manage that your plantar fascia is tight. Rather than stretching, self-massage with one of my roller balls.

How did you get on?

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