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Pain free yet?

I've had lots of people thank me recently that they are now running pain free through my help. It's a great thing to be able to help people achieve this. Sometimes it happens quickly, sometimes it takes a little longer.

I thought I'd put up a few thoughts on how you can start to deal with pain as it's always an outcome, not a beginning, a symptom, not a cause.

Pain is your body's way of asking you to change something. This change may be related to your habits, your movement or both. Change your habits and your movement, kill your pain.

So as I tell everyone who I see, it's time to really listen to your body if you truly want to get better in all areas and be pain free.

The other thing to do is to observe yourself. Where are you tight when you stretch? Where are you tight when you don't? It's all a jigsaw picture and it's your picture. No two pictures are the same despite what the Internet would like us to believe.

Look after your body, it's the greatest piece of kit you will ever own.

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