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Don't get ahead of yourself

Don't forget how far you've come. Training for half marathons, marathons and ultras when you've never been there before is at times unnerving. The tendency is to look ahead and look at the work that is to come rather than glance back and recognise how far you've come already.

Break the rest of your run schedule down, week by week, day by day if you have to but don't get consumed by it. That is your head trying to talk you out of your run shoes and onto the sofa.

I noticed chaffinches in the garden yesterday and last night that it was lighter at about 4:30pm than it had been for a while. Spring is coming. That will make a difference to your mindset when you run. You are nearly out of the hardest part of the plan in my view. Yes there are big miles to come but you've built a fabulous endurance engine now and you can handle the miles no problem.

Surround yourself with people who have nothing but support for you on the homeward leg. People who want it for you as much as you want it for yourself.

I say homeward leg as you will have all run at least half the full distance that you are training for on your plan by now. Had you thought about it like that?

So well done, keep moving and embrace the run home.

You've got this.

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