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You are what you eat

Started working with a number of rugby players on their poor food choices, eating habits and eating patterns a couple of weeks back.

Not me pushing them to be more accountable in any way, purely their desire to get better around food and ultimately help themselves on and off the park.

I haven't caught up with them as a group yet to see how they are getting on but did see one player last night who was in for injury rehab. Just through better food choices he has shed 2.5kg, feels more alert, has more energy and is enjoying the journey. He started the conversation last night about how it was going and by talking about it he is becoming accountable. He's not on a diet. None of them are. He's changing his eating habits and choices for the better, for the long term.

So he is well on the way and you can see in his eyes how genuinely excited he is about the journey he is creating for himself. Once his eating habits have settled we then start work on his training habits as he wants to add more power, more pace and ultimately more dimension to his game. From good player to great player by the start of the next preseason.

Well played that man.

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