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Winter Poppyline 52 mile race

So today didn't go as planned. I fell basically and landed on my head and knees at about 22 miles. My own fault, got both feet caught up in some ridiculous brambles because I thought I'd be a smart arse and pick what looked like an easier route.

Really disappointing as had been running with Giles and we were eating the miles and in the top 6. We'd been knocking out consistent 9's and everything looked on the money for a strong race.

After I fell I could feel my right knee pretty much straight away as I twisted it as I went down. We ran on and it didn't seem to be getting any worse but then it started to tighten and stiffen right up sending the pain number up to a 7 and it got tighter and tighter as I went on.

So I made the decision to come off at Cromer just past 32 miles and got a lift back to Aylesham from Giles' brother and his wife. Thanks again guys.

We'd been slowing and our 9's had gone to 12's, 13's and 14's because of me so it wasn't fair on Giles who was running freely after his Spine success.

I could have walked it in as the cut off for today was 22 hours as it's an LWDA event. But what was going to be the point of me doing that? There was nothing on today. LDWA events are challenges. Brilliant challenges I might add. No medal. No t shirt. But I wasn't looking for either anyway. I just wanted to run free.

So I'm home and rehab has started on the knee. I'm very positive about getting it right for the next one if I work hard but need the swelling to go down so I can really see what's going on.

Good points from today? Loads.

I ran 50km albeit not as quickly as I'd have liked after the fall but I did. So regardless of my knee I did run an ultra today.

I got to run with a mate that my stomach has not allowed me to do for some time on his birthday and also see his awesome family again.

I got to see Neil and Paul, the later who I haven't seen for ages and the former who did an awesome job on my maps for which I'm very grateful.

Norfolk is a beautiful county. If you've not run trails up there do it. You won't regret it.

So no moping. Just going to work hard on the rehab and go from there.

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