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Always be learning

Really interesting quote from Salazar that I came across last week that ties very nicely with the work that I do. Yes he is possibly talking about elites but we all have the same muscles and we all feel pain. More and more I see symptoms being treated rather than causes and it all stems to life/work/sport interests and our bodies trying to find a way to keep us upright and moving.

As I said to someone this morning, if you were going to take up golf you'd go get golf lessons but nobody gets run lessons, or very rarely anyway and how much time do we invest in our own rehab after we've done the activity that we love so much whether it be running or anything else.

Understanding your own body is the key to unlocking all this. Always be learning. Look after your body.

“There has to be one best way of running. It’s got to be like a law of physics. And if you deviate too much from that–the way I did in my career–it can be a big handicap. You can be efficient for a while with bad form–maybe with a low shuffle stride – but eventually that’s not good for your body. It’s going to produce tightness and muscular imbalances and structural problems. Then you get injuries, and if you’re not careful – if you don’t take care of the muscular and structural issues – the injuries can put you into a downward spiral.

You show me someone with bad form, and I’ll show you someone who’s going to have a lot of injuries and a short career.”

Alberto Salazar

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