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Rehab hard

Tarpley 20/10 came and went for another year yesterday and the toll on your bodies will be up there in terms of the stress it has felt. So what to do about it? Today I would recommend you take it incredibly steady, don't do too much, hydrate well and tune into your bodies to make mental notes of where you are feeling it. Incorporate that into some gentle stretching tonight and ice up any hot spots. A really good nutritious tea would be something on my list as a look forward to event at the end of the day and I'd make a point of getting home in good time to get my feet up and the ice out. Tomorrow I'd walk for an hour to really get your body moving without stressing it too much. It may say run on your plan but listen to your body. Likelihood is you have another huge miles weekend ahead of you so there is no shame in walking. Mix it up. Whatever you do, your rehab should be relentless now as you move into the business end of your schedule. Look after your body.

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