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Poor food choices

One of my favourite lines.

I just had to pop to post a letter and the long queue of young adults on a break from St Albans lining up to purchase absolute rubbish to eat in the Co-op got me thinking again about food choices.

My question is this. Are we REALLY thinking about what we should eat or are we just aware we should eat something so something, anything will do?

Is the meal deal on offer in so many places these days really a deal? In terms of money off what those items cost individually when bought collectively I agree it is a deal. But is it a deal in terms of nutritional value and fueling content? No, it isn't.

Why aren't those young adults buying poor food choices in the Co-op having a school dinner? I know in some cases school dinners aren't great but I also know of other cases where they are. I've heard stories of amazing lunches at Britannia Primary and Woodbridge School to name but two in different sectors. Surely there are lessons to be learned across schools by talking and sharing information about what works.

I guess we could all take more of an interest is what I'm saying. What you put in your body ultimately fuels your movement through your muscles. Are you feeding them or hindering them?

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