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Always be working hard at your craft

This doesn't look like much of a photo does it?

That said, when Bill's Dad Roy sent it through to me this afternoon it brought a lump to my throat.

Bill plays hooker for our Super U12's as they are until we go back in September. In December of last year he broke his arm and didn't get back playing until towards the very end of the season.

Bill didn't end up getting his shirt back in the big games but he never moaned, he just trained hard and played where picked.

Last thing he said to me before we broke for the summer was that he was going to work hard over the break and come back firing.

We are moving towards line outs and Bill's had a scaffold pole put up in the garden. Here he is practicing throwing in and trying to hit the pole consistently.

Dedication to a craft and sport right there. He's 12.

Thanks Bill. You reminded me to keep working hard at life today.

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