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Gaining through losing

Last night I managed to get to a meeting at Ipswich Rugby Club after a very busy day and whilst there I caught up with Sam Goodwin and Jim Clark. Now Jake Goodwin (left bottom picture) you've all met on here and he's currently in New Zealand catching up with a mate. The good news is he's just about there at the 5 stone loss mark according to brother Sam. Sam (middle bottom picture) and Jim (right bottom picture) have been working with me on food since towards the end of the rugby season. They both wanted to give it a real go and see where they came out for pre season. I'm pleased to say Sam is currently three and a half stone tidier and Jim is two and a half stone tidier. So between the three of them these fine men have shed a whopping eleven stone in old money. For those of you working in new money that's 70kgs or 154 lbs. Three men who committed to changing poor choices, habits and patterns and now have a much better relationship with food as a result. Nobody has been on a diet, nobody is eating off a plan. All they've done is change their relationship with food and stopped eating crap. No replacement meals, no pills, no fasting, no living off cabbage for a week. The pre season kicks off soon enough and these three have put in some serious hard graft to now build and condition back onto. Who knows what the season holds but they go into it in a much better frame of mind and health. Discipline is a good habit. So well done men. I'm really proud of you. Are you ready for pre season? Are you happy with your relationship with food? Get in touch if you want to talk more. #LookAfterYourBody

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