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So #8in12 didn't happen. I came off having run just under 70 miles as my body was shutting down and I couldn't keep warm and move quickly enough to continue to make it happen. Cut offs were fine, I had been feeling good. Then it all went downhill very quickly. Getting up and over Fusedale and then down and into Mardale Head wasn't going to work when you consider that I went from 14 minute miles to 28 minute miles in the space of 10k coming into Howtown which is flat by comparison. Syncing my Garmin this morning I managed just under 13,000 feet of ascent. Wet, boggy and muddy doesn't describe it. I've been sat here trying put something down on paper to properly describe this race. I can't. You will just have to come up here and do it for yourself to get just how stripped back and brutal it is. Lots of really good learning again about difficult weather and terrain for me. Tailwind was again awesome and my kit choices worked to a T, my inov8 x-claw 275's being superb. Onwards we go and for now it's all about a little rest and rehab. So many messages from you all. Thank you everyone and see you all soon. #LookAfterYourBody

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