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Listen to your body

The more time I spend looking at animals, the more I believe we have moved so far away from our original DNA stamp that we should not be surprised by the health problems we are creating for ourselves as a species. Yes there is evolution and progress in the world, I get that but I'm talking about bodies. That thing you live in. I sit in my office at the end of my each day and stare at the skeleton in the corner, in awe of the technology we have been given as individuals. As advanced as it is, the muscle function is for me quite simple. We just need to tune in as owners and learn to understand what it is saying. If you own a dog or a cat, watch them. They stretch regularly. Do you? Some things shouldn't be messed with in my eyes. I could go on for hours and hours about this running machine frame we have all been given. I won't bore you. 🤓 Do try to look after it though and if you do nothing else, listen to it. It is always trying to talk to you. Get in touch if you want help trying to understand yours. #LookAfterYourBody

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