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2018 Pricing - Postural Assessment / Gait & Imbalance Assessment

2018 sees the launch of the JRSTT Loyalty Card.

Moving forward although JRSTT has always been very value added, it was decided that a formal scheme should be put in place to give back to clients along the way. After all, it is all about choice.

The scheme can be used against items 1-4 in the pricing menu and as you can see from the visual there is a reward half way through card completion and then again when the card is completed.

To do some simple maths then based on soft tissue pricing for example, ten visits will give you an average cost price of £34 per visit. Happy days!

If you mix and match your sessions your average cost price will obviously be different but the reality is you still get rewarded along the way and you are saving money.

Pick up your card at your first visit in 2018 when this and the 2018 pricing goes live.

Today we showcase item 2 in the pricing menu,

Posture is about so much more than looking confident and poised. Standing or sitting in the right position makes sure our bodies function properly. Poor posture can be caused by many things that effect our daily lives. Having good posture will benefit you in so many ways just as poor posture can put you at risk of debilitation and poor performance.

Gait refers to the pattern of movement of your lower limbs. Essentially we are talking about your foot fall. JRSTT helps athletes run more efficiently and also to identify posture-related or movement-related problems in people with injuries.

Again JRSTT offers a very client involved process in correcting any imbalances.

This may involve a further session(s), it may not. JRSTT is all about empowerment. Clients are given knowledge to understand and enable self development rather than be in the hands of others. Very often we think we might be injured when in reality we are merely unbalanced.

A one hour session is £50 by appointment only.

What clients say...

"I went to John a few weeks ago because I had suffered with pain in my toes for over 10 years! This made running more than a mile or so virtually impossible. I had been to so many specialists over the years and had many different opinions but nothing helped! John took one look at my feet, told me what the problem was, set about strapping them up and gave me some exercises to do. This week, just a few weeks later -after being told to just do it- I have completed two 5k runs! I am thrilled! John has given me the perfect combination of technical advice, moral support and a push to go the extra mile! Literally! Thanks John really couldn't have done it without you!"

Angela Corrine

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