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2018 Pricing - 1:1 Coaching

2018 sees the launch of the JRSTT Loyalty Card.

Moving forward although JRSTT has always been very value added, it was decided that a formal scheme should be put in place to give back to clients along the way. After all, it is all about choice.

The scheme can be used against items 1-4 in the pricing menu and as you can see from the visual there is a reward half way through card completion and then again when the card is completed.

To do some simple maths then based on soft tissue pricing for example, ten visits will give you an average cost price of £34 per visit. Happy days!

If you mix and match your sessions your average cost price will obviously be different but the reality is you still get rewarded along the way and you are saving money.

Pick up your card at your first visit in 2018 when this and the 2018 pricing goes live.

Today we showcase item 3 in the pricing menu, 1:1 Coaching which covers a tool kit that can be built around the individual and the total offering covers Run Form, Event Planning, Nutrition and Core Development.

There are predefined subsequent monthly follow up sessions on this programme for pre determined set period of time.

Again this service is very client led and all about empowerment.

An initial one hour session is £45 by appointment only.

What clients say...

"I started seeing John in Jan 2016 for reoccurring injuries that failed to be resolved with previous Physios, largely because the root cause was never addressed. I was at the point of giving up running but decided to get one last opinion and am I glad I did!

My parkrun PB at that time was 28 minutes; with JR's guidance, I changed my training schedule to incorporate a strength and conditioning programme which has strengthened my core significantly, enabling me to improve my running technique and overall fitness level.

My new parkrun PB is 21.58, I have won 3 age category trophies in local races in the last 6 months and yesterday completed my first marathon in 4 hours which at 51 I am pretty chuffed about!

His positive mental encouragement has made me believe anything is possible and in addition to the above during this period am part way through training to be a Pilates Instructor!

I know I am one of many JR has helped both physically and mentally. Thank you JR you are amazing! X"

Helen Duggan

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