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2018 Pricing - Soft Tissue Treatment including Massage

2018 sees the launch of the JRSTT Loyalty Card.

Moving forward although JRSTT has always been very value added, it was decided that a formal scheme should be put in place to give back to clients along the way. After all, it is all about choice.

The scheme can be used against items 1-4 in the pricing menu and as you can see from the visual there is a reward half way through card completion and then again when the card is completed.

To do some simple maths then based on soft tissue pricing for example, ten visits will give you an average cost price of £42.50 per visit. Happy days!

If you mix and match your sessions your average cost price will obviously be different but the reality is you still get rewarded along the way and you are saving money.

Pick up your card at your first visit in 2018 when this and the 2018 pricing goes live.

Today we showcase item 4 in the pricing menu, Soft Tissue Treatment including Massage.

The benefits of massage are numerous and in many ways can depend on the needs of the client at the time. It is a ‘holistic’ therapy which works on many levels by influencing several systems of the body. Massage therapy is now widely used and has spread into many areas of healthcare because it does seem to have great beneficial effects.

JRSTT utilises a number of techniques to enable individuals to achieve. Whether that be traditional massage techniques or the use of STR, MET or NMT depends on what presents. Clients are encouraged to develop their knowledge of both their own bodies and their general anatomy as this can only benefit their ongoing rehab needs.

Clients leave with self myofascial release programmes and developmental work aided to keep them in better condition than just stretching will give them.

A one hour session is £50 by appointment only.

What clients say...

"Highly recommended! I've been seeing JR for a few months now and I'm finally enjoying my running again after a year of aches, pains, and niggles. He finds the problem area, works out the cause, treats both and also looks at future prevention. He's given me lots of lovely stretches to do, which is perfect as I'm a complete geek when it comes to stretching!! Thanks JR!!"

Sarah Severwright

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