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Who's on your team?

We could all be a little more encouraging couldn't we. That's not a question it's a fact. We have a thing in our Ipswich U13 rugby squad where we always clap and shout support to the boys who are last home during efforts. It starts with the boys who are home first and stops when the last boy is home. The boys do this willingly and without prompting. I think I can say that this has had a positive effect over the years in building team spirit, bonding us and making us tighter as a group. The boys also come together in a huddle for the debrief and shake hands with one another after training. Nobody leaves without knowing they are part of the squad. If you see someone putting in a shift at your club, at park run, during a match or at an event this weekend, give them a shout out and a smile. If you feel really brave, go say hi and well done afterwards. Believe me it goes a long way. Build those bonds not clicks. #LookAfterEachOther

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