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Feel Fab February!

During the month of February, Carrie (Refuel with Carrie), Helen (Core & More) and myself supported by Carla (ByTwig) are going to be shouting about the virtues of healthy eating and how easy it is to make food look and taste delicious by adding different textures, colours and flavours etc.... We will be posting pictures of foods we have cooked, developed, and eaten as well as posting thoughts, facts and figures on healthy eating generally. We know this community enjoys being active whatever your sporting goals, however it is equally important to fuel your body sufficiently as well as exercise! Unfortunately, the society in which we live has conditioned many of us to believe that being thin is beautiful and healthy. The fitness market is awash with images of unrealistic, unattainable, unsustainable, unhealthy dreams to chase. I am sure at some point in our lives if not still, we have all been guilty of being sucked in by the diet industry which has indoctrinated us to believing that when we are starving ourselves, we are being “good”, but “bad” when we reach for that chocolate bar. Sadly our children are growing up with that constant message. We BELIEVE it is all about eating a wide and varied, balanced diet, making smart food choices and we will help you - it’s a lifestyle not a diet! We welcome your thoughts, ideas, recipes and comments to help make our community a healthier one! #loveyourbody, #FeelFabFebruary

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