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Junior Core Club. Get some!

MASSES OF INTEREST IN THIS. HAVE YOU GOT YOUR APPLICATION IN? Hey you!... yes you... Want to be a better athlete? Want to understand your body and be more in tune with your muscle recruitment? Want to get fitter? Want to get stronger? Want to get faster? Want to have better endurance? Want to have better balance? Want to have better posture? Want to have better form? Want to have better coordination? Want to work hard and have fun while you’re doing all of that? Junior Core Club is here! Just so we are clear, this isn't for Juniors whose parents think they should do it. This is for Junior athletes who WANT to do it and tick all those boxes. There are 20 spaces. That’s it for the first induction. Cost £20 a month. What do I get for that? Two Saturday afternoon classes, 2nd and 3rd Saturday in the month at our venue in Kesgrave. Online group support. Homework. Core Club nutrition and hydration tips and ideas. It all starts Saturday 10th March. Email john for an application form. This will sell out quick so jump on fast. Get some! 💪🤓 #LookAfterYourBody

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