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Try this to get you working long after you've stopped

Thought I’d post something to get your hearts racing on a Wednesday. Something for everyone so why not give it a go. This is a quick but highly effective 150 rep fat burning workout. Something to get your heart rate up that requires no kit and just you and your body weight. The idea is one set of 10 clean, deep press ups (as demonstrated by my assistant) followed by 5 deep bodyweight squats (again see demo). You then rest for as long as you want before repeating for a total of 10 sets and 150 reps. The key to this process and to its effectiveness is doing the 10 sets in the shortest time possible. That said you need to be thinking form and delivery all the way through. You also can’t stop a set mid way because you’re tired, so only start a set if you know you can complete it. If not, wait until you can. Each week you want to keep beating your time. Aim to do it at least three times a week. Want to make it harder you say? Swap the squats for chin ups. Have fun and have a great day. #LookAfterYourBody

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