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Do something for Michelle

End of this month sees Michelle Mitchell off to the European Transplant Games to try to do something very special. The emphasis there is on the word try.

Michelle’s going to give it her best as always. Let’s see what she can produce out of her phenomenal frame that she’s built speed, strength and power into all over again since the Worlds around this time last year.

Here’s someone who very nearly died but was given a lifeline through a donor and got the liver that has seen her achieve and do so much with her life since.

Over the time I’ve worked with Michelle she’s become a World Champion and British Champion and now she goes at the Europeans to test herself again in a different environment. All her work because she has been prepared to try.

Her biggest achievement in that time? Not the medals but being around to become a Grandmother and a wife, mother, daughter and also a friend to many along the way. Something that possibly doesn’t register to many of us as it can be seen as a right of passage rather than a gift.

I wonder if you would consider doing two things for Michelle today please?

1. Think about/become a registered organ donor.

2. Make more of today than you did yesterday.

I know all of us in the JRSTT community are all so proud of you Mitch. Fly the flag. Give it large. 👊🤓

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