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Michelle is ready for the Europeans

Last track session for Michelle Mitchell tonight before she jets off tomorrow for the European Transplant Games in Sardinia this coming weekend.

The organisers have changed the goalposts somewhat and she’s got to race against younger athletes to medal which is unfair. Lots of dumb ass comments about older athletes often being quicker so she’ll be fine, but that doesn’t generally compute when you are working with sprinters. I guess everyone’s an expert these days.

Regardless, Michelle has trained so so hard despite some ankle issues that we’ve had to manage and goes into the games in great shape. I’ve every confidence there will be medals for her this weekend and I’m sure the whole of the JRSTT community and Core Club is behind her.

Will keep you updated on her progress across her races - 100, 200, 400 and 800 as well as maybe 4 x 100 relay if selected.

Arch has loved training with her. Not every day you get to train with a World Champion. He’s learned loads from the experience. Thanks Michelle 👊🤓

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