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Super Lea bags her 100!

Here is a very special Sunday morning #Grinners for you. Lea Thurston take a bow. A 10 minute standing ovation kind of bow. Very late last night Lea finished Norfolk 100 in the dark. An epic journey, at times a struggle. Less than two years ago her feet were so painful she couldn’t run 5k. She’s now got a couple of marathons and a couple of ultras to her name. Something she has craved for so long. Next month she goes at Lakeland 50. How did she do it? Hard work, determination and a willingness to try. Stacks of guts helped enormously yesterday and having super GT, her husband out on the course in places to spur her home helped, but it really was all her own work. The Core Club family will all be super proud for you this morning Lea and they, like the JRSTT community, doff their caps and say bravo. Personally I’m so pleased for you. I know what this means for you through our many chats. #Gamechanger raceday yesterday. Rest well and enjoy the moment. #LookAfterYourBody #MMC #NMR #CoreClub #Try

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