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The diet has begun...

Yesterday I started the two week diet I mentioned last week. I'm off the back of an ultra at the weekend so fuelled well Sunday in Scotland and then when I got home.

Already it is an interesting experiment as my mood has changed somewhat simply because I am only allowed to eat three things. Choice is restricted and that in itself has had an effect on how I am viewing my food. The diet I am following isn't the important part of this experiment for me. I promise I will tell you about it at the end because I know some people will be interested in that stuff. Extreme, Government backed and stamped, it's not made up by me or someone I know. I'm out to prove it doesn't work on a whole person level regardless of what results I get. That is the crux of the dieting problem for me. They don't take the whole person into account and they have very much a beginning but no transitional end and often the person feels they have to stay on the emotional rollercoaster that is their diet because they feel safer.

Anyway, talk more about that I'm sure.

I didn't exercise yesterday due the ultra but will get out for a walk today and do some rolling and targeted self myo fascial work. That shouldn't be too taxing but I mention it as this diet like most are built without exercise taking place.

Lets be clear, you are meant to move. The muscular structure that sits on top of your skeletal frame was put there for just that. Find me someone who can prove otherwise. Exercise releases endorphins, mobilises the heart and lungs and works the body put very, very simply.

So onwards and upwards. I'm not going to post every day on the topic as that would be overkill but if you have any experiences of dieting that you want to share please post on here. I'd rather you didn't write about specific diets but how you've felt on them, good and bad. Your story really.

There is another way regardless of where you find yourself at this point in time and I will talk more about that at the end of my experiment.

Have a great day, the sun is shining once again!

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