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Morning sports fans!

I get asked a lot how to help ones self with ongoing back pain. Obviously everyone is different, we are for sure all experiments of one but there are things we can try. If you fall into any of these categories below, read on.

You suffer from stiffness or soreness in your lower back, neck, or shoulders.

You experience knee pain going up and down stairs.

You spend hours sitting at work or during your commute to work.

Do you fall into any of those categories? If so, below are three really simple solutions you can add into your day to help reverse some of these very common pains.

#1: Change your posture pattern every hour.

Set a timer for every hour you are seated during the day. Once the timer goes off, stand up, walk around, do some light movement. Nothing intense, just something for 5 minutes.

#2: Perform posture checks on yourself throughout the day.

If you’ve been to see me about posture or are part of Core Club we’ve talked about this a fair bit and you know how to work on this.

Whether you are sitting, standing, or any other position, focus on good alignment and deep, regular breathing. Start by focusing on your feet, then your knees, your hips, keep your back straight, head up and keep it directly above your shoulders.

#3: Add in simple active strength and mobility exercises.

A lot of these pains you are experiencing will be reversed by strengthening your muscles around the joints and training for mobility to create balance and reduce the tightness. Core Club will give you that if you’re interested.

If not, you really only need a 5 minute session a day to start to see change. We are conditioned to live in hour blocks and seem to think we need an hour to do anything. You don't. You just need to change your mindset and the rest will follow. As you develop yourself you can up the levels and number of times you perform the sets per day.

Give it a go and let me know or if you want to meet up get in touch 👊🤓

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